He’s Etienne . . .

I’m a practicing rose gardener and designer by day, traveling by motorcycle or car from site to site with my tools, and nightly – well, this is my blog about Roses, Gardens, Design, Artists, Blogging, and my Travels.  I hope you find something interesting in each Category.

I’ve tried hard to add some interesting side excursions along the way too.

My background includes Master Gardener training from the original program that started after the war in the 1940’s in Washington State.

After years of that training & volunteering, I learned rose culture through the American Rose Society training courses in the amazing Tacoma Rose Society, again in the Northwest.

Professor John

Those specific courses, plus volunteering, teaching, and 50 years in sales and industrial design led me to the next step – which is this blog. Many of the locations I’ve worked on, like hospitals, parks, & homes are pictured here on the website.

At work in a rose garden

The experience & education of a jardiniste is more than a lawn/shrub maintenance man, but less than an architect. Most modern professional garden designers – including jardinistes, have some training in horticulture & the principles of design, including geometry and mathematical skills. Many specialize in types of garden work like I do.

I’m a rose guy, as you’ll see . .

A Jardiniste, from the French – is basically a garden designer who also installs gardens. The term was the creation of famed 19th century landscape architect Jean-Claude Nicolas Forestier.

Garden design since the 19th century has often been done by the garden owners themselves, or by professionals of varying levels of experience & expertise. A Jardiniste was one of many who practiced the art & process of designing the layout of a garden and specified the plants. Where they stood out was that they worked side-by-side with the gardeners planting those landscapes.

He is credited, among other things, with:

As a Master Gardener & Rosarian I’ve been focused on planting, pruning, deadheading, and saving roses as a consultant or volunteer in home gardens, community gardens, large urban parks, and at hospitals wherever I go. Mostly in the US, but some in southern Europe. Currently I’m in Western Washington, USA.

Red climbing rose on a stucco house wall over their front door
My 2019 traveling tools

I offer my view of things as someone who has learned on the job from many skilled and educated designers and gardeners since I planted my first rose bush at age 10. My tools are mostly ratchet tools – to save my hands & shoulders.

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